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Farm Holidays
Farm life up close

Committed to rural tradition, open to the new

Untergröber Organic Farm

Our organic farm is one of the oldest farms in the Pragser Tal. When we were fortunate enough to acquire it in 2015, we knew that, after a complete renovation, the farm would not only be our home, but‚ÄĒwith its wonderful location‚ÄĒshould also be available to holiday guests. In the summer of 2022, we celebrated the opening and welcomed the first guests.

Lush greenery as far as the eye can see

Pastures for Galloways

The farm is perched on a hill surrounded by 4 hectares of meadows and 13 hectares of forest ‚Äď an outstanding site for suckler cow husbandry. With the acquisition of our Galloways, we decided on one of the most original cattle breeds in the world. It has its roots in Scotland and is genetically hornless and rather small in stature, so the slopes of our meadows can be grazed very gently. In 2021, we also built a new playpen with a covered run for our Galloways.

A little sweetheart with character

Our first suckler cow

Our oldest animal is especially dear to us. Her name is ‚ÄúPlutz,‚ÄĚ which means something like ‚Äúsmall‚ÄĚ or ‚Äúpuny‚ÄĚ in the South Tyrolean dialect. In 2016, she came to us from a suckler cow herd as a small, weak calf ‚Äď now, Plutz is a very gentle, calm suckler cow with a good-natured character. When she has to be transported to the pasture on the cattle truck in early summer, however, she can be really stubborn.

Offspring of all colours

A colourful, mixed herd

Meanwhile, our suckler cow Plutz has already produced two female offspring for us, which are also part of our herd. Naturally, all our animals have names, and since we spend a great deal of time with them, they are used to people and like to be petted and brushed. Our herd of six to ten Galloways is a colourful mixture: from calf to bull, everything is there, and as for the colours, we can admire a colourful palette from white to reddish brown to black. In the summer, our animals are on the pasture in Toblach.

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The idea behind the new construction

The organic farm’s residential buildings should also be filled with life

In 2021, after long and careful planning, we tackled the new construction of the residential building with the holiday apartments. The former single farmstead was divided into residential and farm buildings and newly designed as a double farmstead. It was important to us to construct a building with the traditional character of a Prags farmhouse, but which also offered enough space for modern building elements. Above all, we wanted the new construction of the farmstead with residential and farm buildings and a connecting wing to fit gently into the landscape and form a harmonious ensemble with the neighbouring farm. Our new farmstead is a ClimateHouse A and therefore features pellet heating and a solar system on the farm building.

Sustainable agriculture

Certified-organic farm

Our farm is organically cultivated and has been a certified-organic operationsince 2019 (BZ-02249-A - "ABCERT" certification). Among other things, this means that we only fertilize our meadows and pastures with our own manure and only mow them once or twice a year to harvest winter fodder for our animals. This form of cultivation means that the meadows are not overstrained, which favours a wider variety of flora and fauna.

Would you like to learn more about our traditional organic farming?

Then we would be pleased to invite you to a tour of the farm!