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Our tips for your Dolomite holiday

Activities & Tips

Kneipp therapy for body and mind

Harness the beneficial power of water! Kneipp therapy is in high demand in the Pustertal; both locals and holiday guests appreciate this sparkling fresh wellness treatment. In the village of Niederdorf, there is a wonderful Kneipp active park where you can fill up on new and stimulating energy. There, you will find various baths, a drinking pavilion, and a barefoot path – and you can also experience the aromatic pleasure of medicinal herbs according to old recipes.

“Maite” spring trail

Explore the element of water with your children – the “Maite” educational spring trail leads you into a nearly untouched part of the Fanes-Sennes-Prags Nature Park. The path is easily walkable, and along the route, you will find various information panels that provide information on animal and plant life, spring protection and use, the water cycle, and protection zones. This place is pure relaxation and an experience for the whole family.

“Viktor Wolf Edler von Glanvell” theme trail

This trail is dedicated to Viktor Wolf Edler von Glanvell, the famous pioneer of mountaineering and developer of the Pragser Dolomites. This easy hike starts in Schmieden and is also suitable for families and seniors.


The Pragser Tal and the Dolomites are a hiking paradise that offers you a wide variety of possibilities every day of your vacation. Today, a panoramic tour over the high alpine pastures; tomorrow, a hike from hut to hut; the day after tomorrow, a round trip in the valley is on the agenda. And if you want to get started quickly, the nearest hiking trail runs right past our farm.

Mountain climbing in the Dolomites

Would you like not only to explore mountain pastures and high-altitude trails, but also experience pure summit joy? Then – depending on the conditions and the degree of difficulty – you can make your way to the summit crosses, such as DĂŒrrenstein (2,839 m), Seekofel (2,810 m), or Strudelkopf (2,307 m).

Cycling at all altitudes

The Pragser Tal, the upper Pustertal, and the neighbouring regions are made for cycling. For example, you can take a day trip with the family on the Pustertal cycle path to Lienz, Bruneck, or Brixen, then comfortably return to the starting point again via the Pustertal train. If you have saddled up your e-bike or want to hop on your mountain bike, there are beautiful tours to the Pragser Wildsee, high up to PlÀtzwiese, and to the other nature park attractions in the upper Pustertal.

The number one place for skiing

We have good news for passionate skiers: If you choose Prags for your winter holiday, several ski areas are available to you in the Pustertal, such as the Helm and Haunold ski mountains (17 km) and, of course, Kronplatz (19 km). Under the north slopes of DĂŒrrenstein, right on site in the immediate vicinity, you will also find the Prags family ski area – a real treat for everyone who likes things that are small but fine.

Live cam: Prags ski lifts (1,430 m)

Tobogganing fun with a dream panorama

In the Pustertal and the Dolomites, there is really no place where you can’t go tobogganing. The closest toboggan hill can be found right at your doorstep – on the hill from the farm. You don’t even have to bring your own toboggan; you can rent toboggans from us free of charge. Would you like to experience an extended day of tobogganing? Then we recommend the toboggan run at Haunold in Innichen. There, at the Restaurant Jora Dining, you can also enjoy the tasty meat of our Galloway cattle, which owner and chef Markus Holzer is pleased to prepare for you.

Cross-country skiing in the Pragser Tal and the Dolomites

Did you know that several cross-country ski trails await you in the Pragser Tal? One of them runs just 200 metres below our farm and takes you through the Pragser Tal to BrĂŒckele and St. Veit. The most beautiful – but also the most demanding – trail can be found on PlĂ€tzwiese.

You can also ski through Niederdorf and Toblach to Innichen or even Sexten. You can also reach the nearby Gsiesertal via Welsberg.

200 km of connected cross-country ski trails of all degrees of difficulty, which are also used by athletes, run through the entire upper Pustertal.

Winter hiking to the horizon

The white, dreamy winter landscape, an overwhelming mountain panorama, plus this unique stillness: If you don’t care so much for the hustle and bustle of the slopes, then you can go on winter hikes in the Pragser Tal that will remain etched in your memory for a long time. The Pragser Sonnenberg, the Pragser Wildsee, the Schmieden circular trail, or from BrĂŒckele to PlĂ€tzwiese are just a few of the many worthwhile destinations.

Snowshoeing at high altitudes

It only really gets alpine above the winter hiking trails. There, you can immerse yourself in the isolation and grandeur of the Dolomite world and blaze your own trail. Hikes through mountain pastures and easy summit tours are also possible, where you will have nature to yourself. However, a guided snowshoe hike is never a bad place to start.

Ski tours for enthusiasts

If you have the skills, experience, and condition, then you can go on ski tours with us that are only possible in the Dolomites – first, the summit experience, then the fantastic descent through the powdery snow in front of a magnificent panorama.

Do you need a hiking tip that only local mountain lovers can give you?

Our hiking tips

Do you need a hiking tip that only local mountain lovers can give you?

Your host and sports instructor Karin loves nature above all. The mountains are her home. Karin will gladly give you a tip if you are looking for a special destination that can’t be found in any internet guide. She knows the Pragser Tal and the nature park like the back of her hand!